We offer strategies and innovative solutions to governments and corporations in the areas of Health Policy, Health Financing, Insurance, Strategic Business Planning and Operational Reengineering. Call us at 510-337-0811.

The Healthcare Redesign Group works with governments and private organizations on healthcare reform and re-engineering, nationally and globally. We are committed to finding innovative solutions for:

  • Reforming healthcare systems to provide affordable, high quality and patient-centered health services.
  • Creating financing systems that guarantee universal access, financial protection, and equity.
  • Harnessing the core competencies of governments, non-governmental organizations and the private sector to work in partnership to improve quality, access and efficiency.

We recognize that, although contexts differ, all countries struggle with balancing affordability, quality, and access in the health sector. As a global consultancy we bring broad expertise from wealthy, middle income and low income countries to address these common challenges. We provide advisory, program development, project management and implementation support services in the areas of:

  • Healthcare Policy Reform and Systems Strengthening
    • Public-Private investment partnerships for financing and delivery
    • Re-engineering and Change Management
  • Health Financing and Insurance Strategy
    • Social and national health insurance
    • Private health insurance and managed care
    • Financial protection for underserved communities
    • Provider payment which aligns incentives of payers and providers
  • Strategic Business Planning and Operations Reengineering
    • Organizational design and management
    • Public and private contracting
    • Medical management and quality assurance


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